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We’re a Team Equal to the Task

Best described by experience, nature and force. Our strengths are complementary. Each personality is brighter than the last. When skilled, thoughtful individuals reflect on what’s possible, we present you with the payoff. But what Mirror Matter collectively cares for more than our work is challenging one another to rise and overcome each new challenge.

Dan Stout

Partner, Creative Director

Before founding Mirror Matter, Partner and Creative Director Dan Stout began writing and publishing content for PlayStation’s earliest digital content streaming platform. He has written advertising copy for some of the world’s largest retailers and digital content powerhouses including Le Château Inc., Tribune Media and Gracenote. At Mirror Matter, he oversees any and all advertising and marketing communications. Nothing leaves the Creative department at Mirror Matter without Dan thinking it all the way through. He works every day to make Mirror Matter partners stronger, more persuasive and unrivaled. Dan becomes the client’s voice, quickly and sharply deducing initial needs and offering insightful solutions through campaign ideation, social media curation, public relations outreach, digital marketing strategies, print collateral, traditional ad campaigns, and everything in between.

Amanda Vogt


Advertising Copywriter Amanda Vogt studies, reworks, and creatively masters the art of the written word. Her passionate pursuit in capturing the depths of brand voices allows her to determine their unique selling points and elevate them to their finest forms. Through thoughtful eyes, Amanda understands when words need a purposeful punch, hypnotic hook, a twist in telling, or perhaps just an alliterative revamping, in order to create the most impactful results. Her work can be read in the form of dynamic blog posts, catchy social media captions, top to bottom website copy, snappy headlines, and more. With just a client and an idea, Amanda crafts their brand’s vision into expertly executed work ready to target the ideal consumer.

James Millard

Partner, Managing Director

Mirror Matter Partner and Director of Accounts, James Millard has led and managed successful, integrated account strategies for a variety of clients. The success of each brand begins with his forthright and communicative approach. James is able to uncover your business’s true identity as well as what makes it unique, and has done so for companies from startups to Fortune 50 companies. He not only accurately mirrors client needs in the short-term, but works with the Mirror Matter team to develop creative campaigns that generate results over long periods of time. From collaborating with clients and overseeing trade show logistics, to earning their trust and to fostering community involvement and serving on boards, James injects passion into every relationship and genuinely works to grow each and every one.

Danny Pleskow

Account Director

Account Director Danny Pleskow extends a masterful bridge of communication between the unique askings of your company and the thoughtful execution of the Mirror Matter Team. With extensive experience working in the entertainment industry, most recently as the Brand Strategy Manager at AMC+, Danny now applies his superb organization and communication skills to advertising for local community businesses and beyond. Fueled by an insatiable appetite for knowledge, and assisted by his keen eye for detail, his role shepherds all client projects through the creative shop, ensuring accuracy and effective project management at every stage. Thus, Danny works diligently to create close relationships built on trust and forward thinking, so your company strategically targets the ideal consumer with the right message.

Jeremy Banas

Partner, Creative Director

Throughout his career, Mirror Matter Partner and Creative Director Jeremy Banas has built, reinvigorated and elevated every brand with which he’s interacted. Jeremy leads the Creative team with bright, bold visions and sharp brand integrity. Through blending what you want delivered as a client with what needs to be seen as an end-user, Jeremy constructs comprehensive advertising campaigns that crack through the noise. Jeremy has crafted brands across a variety of industry verticals from automotive manufacturing and higher education to foodservice and finance technology with graphic design, photography, videography, animation and 3D renderings. His belief is such that everyone deserves to look their best, because that positions a brand for the best chance to succeed.

Burak Spoth


Videographer Burak Spoth is a creative storyteller of countless talents adding to our rich content output by bringing brands to life through video. His dedication and exquisite eye for detail propel him forward as he works to capture the depth of brand stories through the art of filmmaking. Through lifelong passion, Burak thrives off the endless space for creativity when placing a lens in front of your vision. He understands success begins with careful planning to best understand a project's purpose and transform those ideas into a powerful audience-driven message. Buraks video experience creating, live action shots, online educational videos, broadcast, 2D animation and much more ensure the Mirror Matter vision and your goals come to life through actionable results that exceed expectations. With Burak, there's always an opportunity for creative adventure.

Zach Huber

Graphic Designer

Mirror Matter Graphic Designer Zach Huber is one of the most talented and cutting-edge creatives on our team. He views every new brand development project, packaging design, rendering, and social media content deliverable as a unique opportunity. And he seizes every one of those opportunities. Zach has designed brands for a variety of clients including fitness centers, lifestyle and apparel brands, automotive and industrial manufacturers, consumer packaged goods and several others. As Zach continues to grow as a designer at Mirror Matter, he assumes more responsibility and leadership roles because his art is as fearless as it is brilliant. Zach also holds the esteemed honor of being our resident hypebeast.

Tim Meyers

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer Tim Meyers is a professional of many talents. His passion for fine art and illustration fuels his creative output—whether it’s designing a package design for a new product release or developing a brand from the simplest of a client’s ask. Tim is thoughtful in his approach to design, ensuring that your vision is elevated to its highest level. Tim’s stellar design skills can be seen in grocery aisles, on highway billboards, across ecommerce websites, and in print publications. What’s more, you may be visiting a new city, walk around a corner, and look up to see an original mural completely designed by Tim. Not only is Mirror Matter fortunate to have Tim on our Creative team, but our clients are fortunate to have Tim guiding their brand through his graphic design expertise.

Jim Millard

Consulting Partner

Consulting Partner Jim Millard is a leader and entrepreneur who ensures the mission, vision and values of Mirror Matter not only remain intact, but remain constant in our day-to-day activities. Jim has a unique ability to infuse his more than 30 years of experience as a healthcare executive, having served as President and CEO of Kenmore Mercy Hospital and summoned from retirement to serve as Incident Commander of the Catholic Health COVID-19 Staffing Command Center, to infuse Mirror Matter with knowledge, wisdom and all-around administrative support. His attention to detail and focus on quality and customer satisfaction has resulted in several national awards and recognitions. Today, he helps foster community opportunities and outreach programs on behalf of Mirror Matter as well as leverages his leadership acumen to add significant business and infrastructural insight to client relationships, which guide overall business efficiencies.