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Copywriter, Lynley Platten, keeps our accounts trending and growing. From planning monthly content calendars to shooting the content herself, our team is able to properly voice and engage on behalf of our clients. She also completes reports on the efforts, ensuring post-mortems are being reviewed and improvements are being made when and where necessary.

What is your name? Do you prefer to go by a nickname?

Lynley—No nickname. Although, I’m plenty used to being called Lilly or Lindsey. If it starts with an “L,” I usually respond.

What is your role and what are you responsible for doing?

Freelance copywriter and social media content coordinator and creator. I assist in creating copy for websites, social media, promotions, etc., as well as capture and curate written and visual content for various social media platforms.

How do you describe what you do to friends and family?

I write a lot and take photos of hot dogs on a regular basis.

What’s been your favorite project to work on?

I’ve enjoyed getting to expand on my photographic creativity with Sahlen Packing Co. and developing a variety of social content for them. I think Grandma’s Speed Shop will always be a favorite as the automotive industry is how and where I got my start in copywriting and content development years ago. It is something I’ll always have a passion for.

What do you listen to when you’re working?

I’m the weird one who tends to work better in silence, especially if I’m writing. I struggle to multi-task in that sense. When I’m working on visual content I usually listen to different podcasts—Anti-MLM, Serial Killer, Cults. I love the psychology behind why people do what they do and I always love to be learning.

What was your first job? Did you like it?

My first real W-2 job was working for Thrifty detailing cars and delivering them. I actually did enjoy it though the days could be pretty long detailing cars in all kinds of weather. I also had to pick-up, drop-off and deliver box trucks since they had a Penske Truck Rental associated with them. I learned real quick how to back up with blind spots in those trucks.

How would you describe yourself?

Pretty outgoing, mildly humorous, highly organized, people person, dependable, understanding.

How would you describe Mirror Matter?

Ever evolving to be a frontrunner in the world of modern-day advertising agencies.

Apple or Android, and why?

Apple. Been a fan since the 3G. I was die-hard Blackberry before that—Ah, the days of the physical keyboard. It’s been a long time since I had a flip phone. Kids these days will never know about the art of T-9 texting…

How did you get linked with Mirror Matter?

I met Jeremy in 2018, when I was looking to create a brand for a business. The business was in its infancy at that point. A year or so later I reached back out for a friend looking to build a website. Yada yada yada, the rest is history.

What part of “agency life” do you like the most?

I love seeing the final creations come to life whether that be in the form of a website, a promotional deal, a social media post. It’s nice to see all the hard work everyone puts in come together and witness people’s reaction to it.

Ideal retirement plan?

I’d love to finally have the ability to spend winters in warm weather and summers on the New England coast. Ideally, I’d have the opportunity to have some land with a barn on it for horses. I’ve ridden horses my whole life, with 10 of those as a professional, and would love to be able to enjoy that again and impart my knowledge onto the next generation. Looking forward to “retirement” being the next great adventure.

Coffee, tea, or other?

Tea. As much as I love coffee, this is my weak attempt at being healthy.

What book, show, or podcast would you recommend to the world? Why?

The Millionaire Next Door. It’s a great read for anyone seeking the path to financial independence. It goes to show that significant wealth is attainable by almost anyone as long as you’re willing to live below your means. It also reinforces that there are multiple avenues available to accumulate wealth. Read it and then read it again. My great-grandfather always said, “Never let off to what you have,” and that’s been one of the many pieces of advice I reiterate to anyone willing to listen.

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall? Why?

Summer and possibly fall. I love the outdoors and the sunshine. As long as I can be outside enjoying the weather, I’m happy. I also don’t like being cold, so that eliminates many aspects of other seasons.

What are you looking forward to most about the next year?

Growing myself as an individual to become more well rounded in the ad agency world and improving myself to be able to offer better work to both clients and the agency.