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It’s thrown around on a daily basis, “We need more content.”

Everybody wants cool stuff and good reads, but building that library of assets from which to pull and position yourself as a must-follow can be daunting. What’s more, how do you ensure that the time invested in creating the content is responsibly executed?

Find a Creative Partner.

Mirror Matter is a team that understands the value of outstanding creative. “Good content” cannot be accurately described without the words “original” and “imaginative.” It’s why we invest the extra time and effort to analyze and digest not only the types of content you—the client—envisions, but also the types you hadn’t thought about.

Construct a Schedule Around Creative.

Once we’ve developed a clear theme that can permeate throughout your digital platforms (i.e., Facebook or Instagram), we schedule everything accordingly. Days are accounted for, specific messaging that may revolve around a holiday or upcoming cause marketing event, links, tags, influencer cross-promotion, etc. It’s all laid out clear as day.

Keep Track.

Once we release our creative out in the wild, it’s important to keep regular tabs on it. How are certain posts responding? Are we engaging an audience more during lunch hours or that half hour or so people spend in the morning settling into the workday? Impressions, likes, follows, comments, shares and everything else you need to know is fleshed out in detailed, weekly reports.

Shift Focus.

Based on the intel, we work together to shift efforts. If a certain platform is performing better than another, or we’re gaining serious traction with a certain type of audience, we’re able to adjust on the fly.

Maintain the Conversation.

We let that creative do the talking for your brand online. And then we keep our communication lines open to ensure that you’re getting what you want out of the strategy. The more that gets said and talked about the better.

If you would like to learn more about content marketing and the strategy behind it all, reach out to Mirror Matter—