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As an agency, the questions asked of our team through the vetting and pitching processes run the gamut: How big is your firm? What are your areas of differentiation? How can you provide value? After a while, they all start to blend together—primarily because we’re expecting them and have answers prepared. 

However, soon after starting Mirror Matter, I was asked a question that I’ll never forget: What does Mirror Matter stand for? It sounds simple enough, right? Say something like “strong creative” or “true partnerships” and onto the next. But it made me pause. 

I could’ve relayed our mission statement, but that wouldn’t get at the heart of why the question was asked. The answer not only represents the company—but myself, our entire team, and everything that enters and leaves our shop. In thinking through all of the long-winded answers available, a one-word answer felt most appropriate: Change. 

Who we are today does not necessarily dictate who we will be tomorrow. Every day we interact with our clients, conceptualize ideas, and work to exceed our expectations. We stand for helping every person in our ecosystem change for the better. This answer has now become an intentional part of our process and onboarding as it quickly communicates who we are and why we matter. 

Value propositions don’t need to be overly stodgy or verbose. They just need to be authentic. Make sure you’re prepared to answer that question, as it’ll catch you off-guard if you’re not. 

So what does your business stand for?