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A True Reflection of Client-Centric Services.

Marketing and advertising agency Mirror Matter opened on May 4, 2018, at 374 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY, 14202. The agency is founded by three experienced industry professionals: Director of Accounts James Millard, Creative Director Dan Stout, and Creative Director Jeremy Banas. The fourth founding partner is former Western New York healthcare executive, Jim Millard.

Mirror Matter offers a variety of advertising services for clients including brand development, web and print design, content generation, social media management, digital and traditional advertising, search optimization, photography and videography direction, copywriting, 3D renderings, and presentation design. The team specializes in content strategy, integrating with clients, many of whom have in-house marketing departments of their own, to fill any creative gaps, pitch in on tight turnarounds, or assist with timely internal communications.

With over 45 years of combined advertising and leadership experience, the partners at Mirror Matter bring a unique mission and vision to Buffalo’s marketing landscape. Director of Accounts, James Millard, describes it as such, “We not only want to satisfy our clients with outstanding account service and stellar creative; our goal is to inspire others to take a look in the mirror, realize your true potential, stand up for what you believe in, and take more calculated risks.”

Having worked within Buffalo’s advertising market over the past decade, James, Dan and Jeremy have provided brand services for some of the area’s largest employers in the healthcare, higher education and foodservice industries. They’ve also helped launch brands for several of the city’s most recognizable startups.

As they launched their own startup brand, the partners agreed upon a name that reflected what they aim to do for their clients, which is to serve as their creative counterpart, offering services and strategies that help bring about success. In more literal terms, physics defines mirror matter as the reflective opposite of everyday matter—a parallel series of particles that provides unseen balance in our universe. Mirror Matter the advertising agency represents all that its clients need to be seen as, meets every capable need, and paints the picture-perfect portrayal of a client’s brand.

Creative Director Dan Stout had this to say about the brand’s genesis, “We explored several industry jargon buzzwords and catchphrases that we thought could communicate our mission, vision and values, to no avail. After exhausting several creative avenues, I revisited a novel I had read in college, Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49. One of the central themes of the novel is the concept of entropy, the degree of chaos or randomness within a system. This led us down a path to explore some more interesting theories in the realm of physics and relativity, which is how we came to find the concept of mirror matter. It instantly felt right with regards to how we want to be seen within the industry.”

Creative Director Jeremy Banas refers to the visual identity of the brand, “There’s something really interesting that happens to a seemingly ordinary photo when you begin to manipulate perspective and angles. You can take a photo of a mountain, rotate it on its side, and it assumes a similar, yet different identity. It can look like its original form but be recognized as a cliff, separate rock formation, or collectible geode. Visually, it interests me and I feel there’s a lot of room to grow within this form and aesthetic.”

The fourth partner, Jim Millard, brings over 30 years of steadfast, executive-level leadership to the team. It’s a new challenge he’s very eager to take on, “Since retiring earlier this year, I’ve realized just how quickly time goes by. And when I was approached with this new business opportunity, I was honored to have the chance to work with three young professionals capable of delivering a high-quality product with outstanding customer service.”

The team at Mirror Matter looks forward to what the future holds with regards to promoting their own brand as well as their clients’ brands.